A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★½

It’s genuinely odd to me how, in both films, Krasinski has crafted this intensely gendered role for Blunt. Her character is a wife and mother who does the laundry and runs errands, even in the wake of the apocalypse. I suppose there is something interesting about the preservation of a family’s original dynamic after a major life change. Still, it does feel like her character is being kept out of all the action, particularly in this film (despite the trailer indicating otherwise.) Murphy’s character is quickly introduced as a new patriarch, and while the daughter is able to cover new ground, it’s still under the guidance and protection of her new male leader. I think the film would’ve been better had we stayed with our existing characters and seen them take on new responsibility, rather than merely finding a substitute for their missing piece.

The scares and action are quite good, though there aren’t enough of those moments. Most of what I enjoyed was shown in the trailer, save for a few surprise moments that made this worth seeing on a massive screen. A highlight of this film is that the monster design remains really damn cool. Even though we’ve seen them in the first film, they never lost their edge for me. There are some fantastic ideas introduced here that are completely brushed past, specifically in terms of what kind of people live in this changed world, but the glimmers were good enough. This is far more uneven than the first film, but I do think it makes better use of its time.

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