Colossal ★★½

I can't say I didn't have fun watching this. There are some moments that are pretty wacky and cleverly done, and they were almost good enough to fool me into really liking this movie. Unfortunately, the fun and free-wheeling first half of this film takes a sudden dip into much darker territory, and these scenes are far less competently executed. The character who grows into the "villain" becomes so grossly unappealing that I felt angry every time they spoke. However, while their actions were justifiable and consistent with their already established personality, the surrounding characters didn't seem to acknowledge the extent to which they were doing harm. Characters who are portrayed as morally right don't seem all that concerned.

The main story here is really an interesting one, and Anne Hathaway's character Gloria makes for a very compelling and complicated protagonist. The ending of this film is more satisfying and innovative than I anticipated, and it certainly left me feeling good. All the elements of a great film are here, but they're just mixed together with some strange, unresolved subplots and unfortunately ill-paced and tonally inconsistent direction. At least this film will make history with its introduction of memes into the world of fantastical indie cinema. An achievement, truly.

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