Emma. ★★★★

A gorgeously-decorated, joyfully-acted, good time at the movies. Emma. carries just the right amount of sentimentality and sweetness to keep the party going and keep the stakes high, even if there isn’t much actually at risk. So much of these people’s lives center around being liked and respected, so when someone’s reputation is even slightly nicked, their self-esteem crumbles quickly. Luckily, it’s just as easily put back together after some hilarious theatrics.

It’s a fun film because we know our characters will all end up well, just as they’ve started out, but they’re so charming and doe-eyed that it’s hard not to want to see them even happier. There are so many love stories of all different kinds in the mix here, each with their own highs and lows. It feels so youthful and innocent, watching people fall in an out of love as the seasons pass. I recommend you all go along for this charming carriage ride yourselves.

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