Game Night

Game Night ★★★★½

Absurdly good. If this wasn't on your list before, add it now -- Game Night blends the action and comedy genres in one of the most successful ways I've seen in years. The trailer didn't excite me much, the jokes in it seeming a little lifeless, but the film itself is so damn funny. It's so refreshing to see an ensemble like this where every character is so three-dimensional and compelling. All the couples have their own struggles, and they all interact with one another and really entertaining yet still emotionally satisfying ways. Every cast member is great, but my beautiful wife Rachel McAdams and husband Kyle Chandler were my favorites. 

While the script excels not only in its multiple plants and pay-offs and sharp dialogue, it's the direction that really blew me away. Some of the action scenes in here were intense. Excellent blocking and choreography of both actors and camera, and the unique editing gave this an even greater sense of urgency. The cinematography as well was some of the best I've ever seen in something of this genre, every camera movement and even lens choice reminding us that this is a movie about games. Certain sequences go on for longer than necessary and I wasn't a fan of all the formal self-awareness in the meta-humor, but my complaints with this are minimal.

Easily the most fun movie in theaters right now. I never would've predicted that.

Rating: 83/100

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