I Feel Pretty ★★★½

Internal critiques of movements for liberation and attempts at progress are necessary, but it's strange to condemn misguided activism more harshly than material that's overtly hostile. I Feel Pretty has the depth of a bathroom sink, but it's also a raunchy comedy. The brand of humor we've come to associate Amy Schumer with is observational but vulgar, her body and sexuality often being the punchline. For instance, one of the few jokes from her stand-up days that I actually enjoyed was one about "the cum shelf," the arm you press against your stomach to keep any semen from dripping on to the floor while you walk to get a towel after sex. In no world was this film going to be a revolutionary text.

It's funny. I laughed a lot, and I got significantly invested in the main romance, too. A lot of subplots are set up only to go nowhere, deleted scenes left on the cutting room floor most likely, but that was probably for the best. Michelle Williams' character's arc was also forced in, but it was good to see an attempt at developing these seemingly shallow side characters. Her voice was fun, too -- in my mind, that's what I sound like all the time.

Between this and Blockers, Lizzo's music is getting some solid promo. 

Rating: 67/100

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