Saw ★★★★★

Saw remains one of the most effective and entertaining horror films I've ever seen. The mystery and thriller elements are incorporated brilliantly and turn this film and all its sequels into these incredible puzzles that I love to solve. The injections of humor, as well, work wonders for the tone, the more ridiculous plot details becoming acceptable parts of the world itself. Are there a handful of moments and minor aspects I don't love? Yes, but none of them stop me from having the time of my life watching this movie. The ending is still just as jaw-dropping fantastic as it was the first time -- I can never get through this movie without re-watching that moment at least three times.

I'll talk about her more in my reviews of the next few movies, but I have to say it here: Amanda Young is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, and that reverse-bear trap sequence is one hell of an introduction. Arguably the best part of the film next to the final sequence. I can't wait to continue this re-watch.

Rating: 91/100

(Sorry for all the scary posters that'll be taking over your feed. It'll be over soon.)

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