The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★★

Perhaps it was simply a combination of anxiety and low-expectations going in, but I had a great time watching this. Ostensibly, it’s political satire, but the premise works more so as a catalyst for the action and comedy the film truly goes for. So many big laughs, and the action-packed opening had me guessing again and again who’s story this was gonna be. Admittedly, the jabs at liberals and conservatives both were anything but subtle, though there is truth in the depiction of rich, white liberals as people more focused on how they’re perceived as being versus how they actually are.

It’s an action-comedy, and it’s an exciting one. Betty Gilpin is even better than you heard she was, making the most of every possible facial expression. She brings so much to the character, but even on the page, the motivations the writers gave her are already pretty damn entertaining.

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