Upgrade ★★★★

Awesome. Leigh Whannell effectively crafts a genre-bending look at the future that entertains throughout. Its key action scenes are thrilling, violent, and hilarious at the same time. Lucy got into a major issue about the film's premise in her review, and it's one that bothered me a good deal of the first act. The threat of impending immobility created a great sense of urgency in later sequences, but there were far more creative ways of leading to that than having the protagonist be disabled. The grief he struggles with is his true burden, though, and while still unoriginal, it works well here. After it finds its footing, Upgrade becomes one of the most exciting movies of the year.

Body modification is something that's always fascinated me, and to see it explored in this futuristic setting was fantastic. Our protagonist made for such a compelling entry point into this world, and Logan Marshall-Green played him tremendously well. He was such a joy to watch on screen, and even in lesser moments, he elevated the quality of the whole picture. The finale didn't have the impact on me that I hoped it would, but part of me was at least charmed that it followed a similar formula to Whannell's work on the Saw movies. Every critique I have of Upgrade is more than compensated for by its strengths. I had a great time with this one.

Rating: 79/100

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