Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

“Boredom’s more dangerous than bullets.”

Might be the first movie I’ve watched at the drive-in all pandemic where I didn’t check my phone once. This had me completely. The foreboding score pairs perfectly with Richie’s best direction in recent years, stretching out every ounce of tension in each scene. The overall action and the precision of the violence are just fantastic, but the build up to it all is just as effective. Wrath is a fitting word to be in the film’s title, because it really does have that classical feeling to it. This isn’t about sudden chaos or wild shout-outs; it is wrath — cold, calculated, and brutal.

Apparently this film is a remake, but regardless, the story it tells us a familiar one. The characters are common personalities as well for a film of this genre, but they’re all written confidently and in such a way that we can just focus on the action they’re involved in. Setting this in the world of security and the robbing of cash trucks made this stand out against the heist thriller to me, and I liked getting to see this kind of gun choreography outside the setting of a war film. It doesn’t break any ground, but it does a damn good job at keeping you entertained. My favorite of the year so far.

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