Your Girlfriend

You can watch Your Girlfriend on Vimeo here.

[CW for sexual content & references to death.]

My newest short is complete! I can say, with ease and without any hesitation, that I’ve never been more proud of my work and the work done by our entire cast and crew. I’ve had this idea with me for a year now, and to finally have this tangible result of it is so rewarding.

Your Girlfriend started out with my desire to make something about intimacy. I’ve consistently been fascinated by what I mean to the people I care about, but there’s also a curiosity regarding what I mean to the people I used to care about. When we fall out of people’s lives, do they still think about us? If we met up right now, would we be able to fall back into our old routines? I wanted to explore the idea of someone looking for closure through her own unique means, inserting herself in a situation she has no obligation to be in because she’s so curious as to whether or not she can still fit in there. It’s not until you’re already in it that you start to wonder why you even went in the first place.

My favorite part of making movies is getting to share them with people, so it always means the world to me when y’all are willing to watch them. I took a very different approach with this one, specifically with all the camera movements, so I’d love to hear what did and didn’t feel right. I’m so proud of this short, but more than anything, I want to keep getting better. I appreciate any and all feedback y’all are willing to give. Thanks for watching :)

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