Zombieland ★★★★½

"I avoided other people like they were zombies, even before they were zombies."

I'd like to take a moment to remember the time I watched Adventureland, thinking it was the same thing as this and not understanding they were two separate movies, and being confused as to why it was taking so long for zombies to show up. That movie still ended up being pretty fun, but this one was a little better.

This is the kind of comedy I really enjoy. Well, I wouldn't say I like only one specific brand, but this is definitely something I enjoyed from start to finish. The jokes come often and throughout, but we still a get few moments of vulnerable, human emotion that are allowed to be taken seriously. It's the apocalypse, and we can feel the weight of that without getting stuck in it. The humor is in the dialogue and its excellent deliveries, the physical comedy, and even the way shots cut together. Zombieland is hilarious and surprisingly emotional, but just in the right measure. Columbus is a lonely, awkward boy, and to see this coming of age story occur in a zombie wasteland is kind of amazing. Coming of age and found family narratives always get to me, and with such a unique setting, this one really worked for me.

Hot take: Columbus is gay and his attractions to Wichita and 406 are a result of compulsory heterosexuality and an internalized desire to please his parents. I'm sure that this wasn't in the minds of any of the filmmakers or Eisenberg himself, but consider this: He's gay.

Rating: 82/100

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