Titane ★★★★½

The only times I use my laptop are for therapy and now for typing out my thoughts on this movie; I will need the full keyboard. This second use is fitting since in two hours this movie has undone three years of hard work I’ve done on my mental health. My brain has exploded.

- 0.5 stars bc my calves hurt coming out of this movie, which has never happened before. My jaw sore yes, my fists stiff sure, my cheeks aching from laughing OK. My chest has felt like there was a car sitting directly on my heart and I’ve gotten brutal headaches from 3D. But never before have my LEG muscles been involved in my movie experience. 

Here are 10 words to remind myself about the 50,000 more words I have to write, a weekend night coming soon, when I will get someone else to see this with me again and can stay up all night thinking about it and freaking out. 

metal spike, fire, men dancing free, Macarena, Dads are boyfriends(!?)

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