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  • Ballerina



    Oddly though I really love Elle Fanning, she actually disappointed me in this role, her voice is too harsh for the sweet main character. The rest of the cast was wonderful, the story is touching though I might be slightly biased as I myself am a dancer. Mad props to an American cast for getting all terminology correctly pronounced which doesn´t happen often with American actors. The score might be slightly invasive to the movie at times, but the movie…

  • Tuck Everlasting

    Tuck Everlasting


    This is a really enjoyable, mellow movie you don´t have to overthink. One of those movies you should sit back, relax and not pay too much attention to to the slightly cheesy acting and script. Nice movie if you like Alexis and needing something light and a little touching.

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  • Knowing



    Very, very interesting premise, maybe with a slightly better script and better actors it would be magnificent, without it´s just kinda...meh okay movie.