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  • A Day in the Country
  • L'Amour fou
  • India Song
  • Only Angels Have Wings

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  • Ruggles of Red Gap

  • The Southerner

  • In the Darkness of Time

  • Loulou

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  • The Southerner

    The Southerner

    Renoir brings his poetic realism to America. Kinda remarkable that The Southerner is a compromise with Hollywood against working in genre films. It’s a really lovely picture about plain Jim and plain Jane. It’s simple and as Kael said “mysteriously solemn.” There’s less of a story and more of a fiction, and the fiction is their lives. Little moments like “our first fire in our own house” aren’t weighted for narrative drama, it’s the decency of the gesture for itself…

  • Loulou


    One of those films where I knew after the first few frames that I was in. I think of Pialat often, even unintentionally. His combination of roughness and elegance, neither pronouncing itself over the realistic atmosphere that is somehow preserved by his performances and the way he projects time, gliding through narrative in favor of fleshing out the details.

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  • Dutchman


    better than get out

  • 1917


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    damn. i was hyped, opening night at clifton commons on the dolby, sitting there locked off the edible! it’s a bad feeling being too high and bored sick. the movie is like a 2 hour call of duty career mode cut scene you can’t skip through. even the grass is grey in 1917. and the title looks so feeble now, there’s nothing historical in this movie except the pieces set up for show. it could be anytime and anywhere. there’s…