it was boring i’m never gonna watch this again but i laughed a couple times. way too fuckin long though i mean 2 hours spike, really? for this? either he’s lazy or his loud ass thinks a wink is really a scream, could’ve just put out a statement and saved us all the trouble of having to watch two boring ass characters dance in a club for four straight minutes just because he liked the song and wanted to put it in the film. the best part was when clay davis did the shiiiiiiiiiiiet in the beginning. nothing about this was particurally memorable including all the characters. some of the slurs were pretty funny i’ll give him that. it felt like he recycled different parts of his other movies and forced them in here where they didn’t really fit. until the weird and random ending i never realized it but heather hire is up there for the whitest name of all time, and they already forgot about her you would’ve thought she’d have her own statue by now. this film offers pretty much nothing and that’s impressive given the true story it’s based off of is probably pretty interesting. spike is tired he needs a nap and now so do i.

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