Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

We have always created icons in our own image; what we’ve done is we project ourselves onto him . . . The fact is, maybe he’s not some devil or jesus character. Maybe he’s just some guy trying to do the right thing.

a magnum opus if there ever were one. this is an America in which inverted totalitarianism thrives upon its relationship to technocracy and the responsibilities afforded to the power imaginary are, in the eyes of the public, inevitably saddled onto an unwitting Messiah. tragedy can now only be understood through its perpetual reproduction, and so the film’s iconographic touchstones are concretized before the images even appear: it begins with an invocation of 9/11 (as spectacle) and the collapse of modernity, and then ends, of course, with the pietà. Superman’s image and memory are relinquished unto the public because they need him, because myth doesn’t die. 

just like Clark, Snyder’s vision here was too good for this world. masterpiece.

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