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  • The Babadook

    The Babadook


    Essie Davis stars in this Australian tale of a widowed mother and troubled son who are plagued by a presence seemingly linked to a pop-up book they found. While not exactly ever being scary, the film does a great job in building tension in nearly every scene particularly through its sound design. The conceit is also interesting dealing with a mother seemingly at the end of her tether with her young needy son she’s almost beginning to despise and marks it out from the rest of the pack of horror movies available over the last few years. - See more at: spooool.ie/features/i-streamed-a-stream/12090-i-streamed-a-stream-non-halloweeny-horrors#sthash.vSb7NBmE.dpuf

  • Housebound



    A great little New Zealand comedy horror (that’s right, another one) with a nice conceit for a horror film due to the fact that there’s an actual reason why the main character can’t leave the house, she’s actually under house arrest. Gerard Johnstone’s debut feature mixes plenty of laughs with nods to nearly every haunted house movie cliché. Not everything works in the film, some of it is very broad and it’s a bit stodgy at the start when it’s setting everything up but it really does come together fantastically in the final third. - See more at: spooool.ie/features/i-streamed-a-stream/12090-i-streamed-a-stream-non-halloweeny-horrors#sthash.vSb7NBmE.dpuf

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  • You're Sleeping Nicole

    You're Sleeping Nicole


    Tu Dors Nicole was a charming droll surreal arthouse film about a young woman at a crossroads in her life. Nicole (Julianne Côté) has the house to herself for the summer, her parents are away and her brother is nowhere to be found. Nicole invites her best friend Veronique (Catherine St-Laurent) around, but boredom soon sets in and the aimlessness of everyday, which she previously relished, soon becomes a problem as does the heatwave that’s giving her insomnia. When the…

  • The Connection

    The Connection


    The Connection (La French) centres on the same historical event as William Friedkin’s seventies classic The French Connection but, apart from a similar title, it tells a very different story. Jean Dujardin stars as Pierre Michel, a French Magistrate thrown into dealing with the spiralling problems of drug rings and gang crime in Marseilles particularly those exporting drugs to the States. He’s no Popeye Doyle, in fact he’s mostly an all-round good guy albeit one who used to have a…