• Moxie



    another tired white savior story cut and reworked to make it more palatable for woke white liberal gen-z kids who “want to be the change.” any movie focusing on the new wave of feminism should have bipoc women at the forefront, not just as powerful side characters. should have expected this from an old white lady like amy poehler but my expectations were already low and somehow i was still disappointed. the protagonist was so goddamn boring and the evil…

  • Bully



    i am SO FUCKING angry at the people in this movie. the principal and faculty at these schools do absolutely nothing to protect these children. WHY are the kids expected to handle these problems on their own? why do they think they can trust 12 year olds to stop what they’re doing to others when they receive NO REPERCUSSIONS. and to just blow it off as “kids will be kids” “lots of kids get bullied” “its the parents responsibility” piece of shit educators.

  • Her



    movie about a guy that can only fall in love with a computer because all life forms are too intellectually inferior to him