Falling Down

Falling Down ★★★★

Just go look at the review section for this movie, and you will see a lot of politics coming up. It impossible to not bring modern politics into a review of this film.

Falling Down movie came out before the term "white privilege" was in the common vernacular, before people going nuts and shooting up a school or business was so commonplace as to become unremarkable, before we had a president who taps into many of the very same frustrations that drive Michael Douglas' character D-Fens progressively more off the deep end.

Is he the hero? Is he the villain? Is he a privileged white man, or is he a victim of a system that tossed him overboard without a life preserver? Are his frustrations valid, or are they first world problems?

More than 25 years ago, this film asked those questions and more. Today, we're still struggling to answer them.