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  • Phantom of the Paradise

    Phantom of the Paradise


    My eyes snapped open at 2am on my bed in the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco. Someone had stacked not just rocks, but boulders on top of me. My stomach churned. My breath labored. My head swirled with the strength of a typhoon. I needed to vomit, but I could barely move, and the harder it was to move, the more panicky I became. Nothing could have prepared me for this.

    And it was all Brian De Palma’s [1] fault.

    Nine hours…

  • Censor



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    Look Beneath the Floorboards

    Take control of your story . . .

    Fictional director Frederick North hisses these seductive words to Enid Baines[1] on the set of his sequel to the disturbing Don’t Go Into the Church[2]. The slithery director lurks in the darkness behind his camera, shooting Enid in 4:3 16mm[3], conjuring the darkness in her soul. It is a darkness she has fought so hard to restrain for years that she denies its very existence.

    Enid is dressed in a…

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  • Valley Girl

    Valley Girl


    Select a song from your movie's soundtrack—including a part of the film's score—and talk about how it helps you better understand the movie.

    Valley Girl is a strange 80s movie. It announced the arrival of Nicolas Cage, but did not make him famous. It was behind the trend of San Fernando Valley slang ("Take a chill pill," "rad," "gag me with a spoon"), yet also somehow popularized it. It's also a goofy novelty movie that somehow still rings as authentic…

  • Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath


    Select a character from your film and write about what their costuming and makeup communicate about their character.

    Mario Bava's Black Sabbath is a trilogy of short horror stories, adapted from the works of Tolstoy, Chekov, and Maupassant. Each of the three works is a masterful exhibition of design, leaving the viewer in a curious state of dread, despite none being grounded in any world reminiscent of our own.

    While each story is fantastic, the one most commonly discussed is…

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  • Romeo & Juliet

    Romeo & Juliet

    Disclaimer: I am a high school English teacher. I mainly teach Freshman English. Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET is a required text. In 15 years, I've taught it about 10-12 times. So, it should be duly noted that I am hypercritical of any adaptation of a play with which I am incredibly familiar.

    ROMEO & JULIET sucked. It is the worst adaptation of this play I've ever seen, and that includes high school stage productions, which make up for their lack of…

  • A Shot in the Dark

    A Shot in the Dark


    It's hard for me to judge A SHOT IN THE DARK based on its own merits, as I usually do, because I watched it on the request of my son, Tommy. Tommy is almost 14, and has autism. For the last few years he has been obsessed with film composers. He can recite the IMDb filmographies of most with savant-like precision, and often corrects me. His current favorite is Henry Mancini, and he asked me to sit down and watch…