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  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


    Tobe Hooper returned to his great horror franchise in 1986, possibly because he needed a hit. His follow-ups to the first TEXAS CHAINSAW only inspired cult fandom, and his work on POLTERGEIST was overshadowed by rumors that Spielberg may have been more than a little hands-on as the film’s producer. So, like the Sawyer family, Hooper needed TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2.

    What makes this film so interesting is how great a departure it is from its more famous predecessor. Hooper…

  • T2 Trainspotting

    T2 Trainspotting


    Nostalgia is embedded into the firmament of TRAINSPOTTING 2. It is in the callbacks to the 1996 cult classic, in the depressed Scottish haunts of Renton, Sick Boy, and Spud, and in the pathology of Franco, who cannot let go of a past that has defined him. Unlike many sequels that appear years after their successful predecessors, T2 uses this nostalgia to great effect and emotional impact. And while the pacing is off throughout much of the runtime, it sticks the landing.

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  • Nightcrawler



    There’s a long tradition of movies about television broadcasting. The two most successful are Sidney Lumet’s NETWORK and James L. Brooks’ BROADCAST NEWS. Both satirize telejournalism with a keen eye, revealing the shady behavior beneath the public image of integrity. Those films were made in the 70s and 80s, respectively. Since, the cynical attitude towards American journalism has only grown. We all know networks are in it for the ratings. We know getting us “truth” in journalism is not as…

  • True Romance

    True Romance


    A BONNIE & CLYDE for Generation X, Tarantino's script is a great exploration of romance as artifice and posturing. His criminal lovers, the unhinged slacker Clarence (Christian Slater) and free-spirited prostitute Alabama (Patricia Arquette), are married in a courthouse, but consummate their passion in a movie house.

    Clarence is every bit the cool, badass tough guy that Jean-Paul Belmondo was in BREATHLESS, only significantly more excited by the violence Belmondo flirted with. And where Belmondo was undone by love, Clarence is…