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  • Gravity



    Should have seen it on the big screen...

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    I liked that! Witty dialog, Gary, inventive camera work mimiking GTA or tilt shift to minituarise and give a sense of looking at a live Monopoly board, Gary, Fightclub, Denzel!, and of course... Gary.

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  • The Rum Diary

    The Rum Diary

    laughed a couple of times, but this really was not a good film. The characters were really thin. I found it hard to make a connection with them.

  • Wild Card

    Wild Card


    Always hoping for a new Crank with a the Stathe film. Alas Nicholas ‘Wild’ Card does not crank. 
    Did enjoy Stanley Tucci as Baby. Am surprised to see that Baby turned into a Las Vegas mobster after het came out of prison at the end of Baby Driver.