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  • In the Name of All Canadians

    In the Name of All Canadians


    While not impressed with the filler segments, the shorts were interesting and well done. Each explores an aspect of how the Charter is applied as well as how it still falls well short of its words and ideals.

  • Strong Island

    Strong Island


    Fantastic film on prejudice in the US justice system and the effects of grief on families through the story of the murder of the director's brother and the white man not being charged. In this day and age, a very important and, unfortunately, timeless documentary. 

    Only minor complaints - in two instances there is music that is MUCH louder than the rest of the film. There was also a lot of fade outs to black backgrounds during interviews which was strange.

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  • Birth of a Family

    Birth of a Family


    Four children, siblings all removed from their mother in the sixties scoop in Canada, unite for the first time ever for a week in Banff. Moving exploration of the importance of family and the legacies of racist policies in Canada.

  • What Lies Upstream

    What Lies Upstream


    What do Flint and West Virginia have in common? Lies and scandal surrounding undrinkable water. This documentary explores the issues behind the West Virginia chemical spill, the legislative responses, and ultimately the lies and fake data coming from national scientific boards (CDC and EPA). Through this the film talks about the importance of science, and how these issues have helped to create mass distrust of science and of the agencies, which has helped lead the US to where it is now. 

    Should be required viewing for all Americans, and Canadians as well.