Hardcore Henry

There’s a reason action movies are not shot in a first person perspective. The original Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project may have used the effect to enhance the fear and frenetic energy of their subject matters, but the constant movement of the camera in Hardcore Henry is nauseating and just annoying to watch. These other films may have been helped by the found footage aesthetic, grounding them in a sort of Documentary style realism, whereas Hardcore Henry just feels like a particularly poorly plotted and violent video game. If anything the choice to shoot in a POV format makes the film less immersive because the constant swinging and spinning of the camera, along with way too many disorienting cuts, makes Hardcore Henry difficult to follow and headache inducing. And that’s to say nothing about the plot, which decides to sacrifice coherency for the sake of having lame plot twists. Points for creativity in the various ways that Henry brutally murders the various henchman of the evil organization that’s chasing him. Moscow is also filmed so beautifully during the chace scenes that I would almost want to visit if they weren’t so anti-LGBT. But ultimately a movie needs to be more than an original concept to be worth watching, and Hardcore Henry takes a bad idea and somehow makes a worse movie out of it.