Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★½

Okay I just saw this and I have a lot of feelings so be prepared (some spoilers ahead so watch urselves!)

1. let me start by saying, this cast is PHENOM. you don't have to see it to know that but wow it was wild to actually see all these women acting together!
2. [spoiler-ish] there was a shot of sarah paulson and anne hathaway sitting on a couch together that just hit me in the face like WOW look at all this beauty!!!
3. Anne Hathaway saying ‘fuck’ - a big yes from me!!!!
4. if carol wasn't enough I mean cate blanchett has now officially been ordained as the lesbian goddess of hollywood. her outfits were killer and she rode a MOTORBIKE like there should be a trigger warning for all the lesbians in the theatre ***cate blanchett is about to appear be prepared gays*** - but nothing can prepare you for her ethereal beauty so it doesn't really matter anyway.
5. SANDRA BULLOCK - and this is probably my biggest frustration with the film. Ocean's 8 absolutely did NOT use sandra to anywhere near her full acting potential. Her character wasn't actually that badass, she didn't feel at all like a strong leader and debbie ocean was, to be honest, the most 2-dimensional character of them all. there was just nothing memorable about her. I think she might have moved maybe two muscles in her face the entire film???
6. It wasn't funny...... I don't know, I maybe laughed.... three times? And those laughs usually came from the way a character moved and never from a funny piece of writing or great comedic timing. This may just be a nitty gritty but I guess after seeing all the recent interviews and press junket's between the cast I was ready to see sandra and cate bounce off each other with some great improv and comedic timing but it was almost like their super straight characters (meant in both ways [shoulda made it gay people!!!!]), just didn't allow for this type of humour to begin with? U know they’re getting desperate for comedic relief when they bring in James Corden (why god)
7. there was little to no back story on any of the characters which I thought would've helped the audience more connected w/ them. but again, they just felt a little out of our reach, like we never reeeally got enough time to get to understand their nuances but I guess thats what happens when you have a large cast and a story to tell in under 2hrs.
8. SOME MORE MUSIC WOULD'VE BEEN DOPE as they were like robbing shit or driving away????!!!

IN SUMMATION (cause I need to stop or i'll keep talking forever), it felt like all these incredible actresses were constantly playing just shy of their full potential. I never had a moment where i was like "YES, GO GIRL!" or "That was badass". But I mean ultimately it was centred around framing a man and putting him in jail and i'm down for that... oh and there was also no pitting women against each other which was a VERY welcomed change.

When a movie is hyped up as much as this one is, it's gonna be hard to fulfil the probably unfairly high expectations of the audience. But in saying that, when you have assembled a cast of women as powerful, talented, smart, funny and gorgeous as these, you should know how to best utilise their talents. Don't get me wrong, this star-studded cast was a blessing to see in 4K on the cinema screen, but these women are so much more than pretty faces and big names, they're SUPER FUCKING TALENTED, I just wish we got to see more of that in this film. Honestly, I wanted to give it 3-stars so bad, but for womankind, I just couldn't. So 3.5 is where it lands. STILL GO SEE IT, take your girl gang and enjoy it!!!! I know I did!

Side note: Next Ocean's, let's get a female to direct it too, hey? (aka me)

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