Her ★★★★★

You know those films that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and make you think 'wow thank God stories like this exist'? I can be totally enthralled by something foreign yet completely entranced by its reliability at the exact same time. This is one of those films.

It's funny because this sweet, memorable story didn't fare too well with the older ladies in the audience that particular night. They simultaneously walked out; I guess the combination of computer sex, cat choking fetishes and armpit anal sex fantasies were a tad too much for them. I personally found it quite charming and not to mention funny. And it was so beautiful how it so very often dwelled in loneliness. I loved it from the beginning to the end; from the progressiveness concept of relationships, high-waisted pants trends, moon songs, and most importantly to the story of finding someone we need at exactly the right time we need them. I laughed, cried, reminisced and I certainly cannot wait to view it again.

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