Vox Lux ★★★★★

I haven’t written a full-on review in a long time but I feel like this film demands one. I found Vox Lux so affecting and have been able to think of little else in the hours since I left the cinema today. I went into this viewing experience knowing even less than the details in the Letterboxd synopsis, and I would recommend doing the same. The events of this film had such a huge impact on me as I had no idea they were coming and had zero time to prepare myself. Be warned, this film deals with some very dark and heavy issues, but I believe it treats them respectfully and never exploits them for no reason. 

I thought the cinematography was wonderful. It was never one-note or boring but wasn’t distracting either. It enhanced the mood of the scenes in a major way and I found it a pleasure to watch. The performances were fantastic too, especially Raffey Cassidy who was perfectly cast as the young Natalie Portman. And Natalie Portman herself, one of my favourite actresses, was multi-dimensional and captivating and I never knew whether to feel sorry for her or the people around her. Excellent as always. The music was also fantastic. I like the fact that the songs were done by Sia but didn’t feel to me like they were pulled from a Sia album. They were well suited to the character of Celeste and the overall goals and ideas of the film. 

I think this film will be stuck in my head for a while to come, but that’s something I’m very okay with.

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