Honeytrap ★★★★

Did I have to pick one of the most depressing films on Netflix to watch? A young girl goes to stay with her mother in London and gets caught up in violence. First off its depressing, but being American I was laughing too much at times, because of the Londoners dialog. Like we don't say innit here. So a line like KFC innit and "I like you innit" was cracking me up. and the way they use badman "you want to be a badman, so you want to be a badman" I'm sure if you're from the area this makes no sense.
I see in a couple reviewers here felt like I did, that the mother and daughter were the most interesting characters and the story would have been better if they had focused on that relationship instead of the boy drama. Though I got to be honest, seeing the girls youth slipping away felt sad and a bit upsetting. It could have been that type of film, but even as the film it was I found it effective.
I actually thought it was beautifully filmed and directed well. I'm starting to think there's something special about London cinematography or maybe I'm just really catching on. But I loved the cinematography in this and another film Twinsters and so on and so on.