The Babadook ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Film creators: Hey lets wrap this important message about depression up in a laughably bad horror film.
Film creators: But wont it just be an important message about depression wrapped up in a bad horror film?
Film creators: That's where the pseudo intellectuals come in, they'll tell everyone else they just didn't get it and that its spectacular.
Film creators: Did you add the bit about the wolf in sheep's clothing? How smart are we, that is designed for people in film class to key in on. The movie is a sheep in wolfs clothing.
Film creators: Yes there's a cartoon that plays on one scene, it gives the films true intent away.
Films creators: This has never been done before, we're geniuses!
Film creators: Sir it says here several movies have had a similar premise.
Film Creators: Name one
Film Creators: Tales from the hood had a story where a child thought there was a monster in his room, turned out the monster was his abusive father.
Film creators: Damn it Jim, nobody remembers that film, but a few black people and I doubt those people will see the Babadook.
Film creators: Sir it says a few black people name their children Babadook every year.
Film Creators: Whatever, lets just hope nobody noticed that we stole the scene where the boy climbs high at the playground from Wes Cravens New Nightmare.

This turned out to be exactly the film I hoped it would not be when I saw that trailer.
Starts well and then downhill from there.
Did I enjoy it?
Bless everyone who found something to like about this, or if the message appealed to you in a certain way. I just didn't want that type of film.

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