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  • Ali



    Mann and Ali are the present, they define the future and they know you can only get there thru a certain love, community. Stay here. Watch as it shrinks away, into streaks, into a pinpoint.

    Watching Ali move is watching movement itself, Mann realises this, and Mann realises this movement is inseparable from his life, his politics, his religion- the personal is the political is the fastest is the strongest. Who exists far in a wide shot? How you can…

  • Breathing Under Water

    Breathing Under Water

    "the uneasy life of the body in the city of money"


    "money did matter, made alive with exactly the magical power children give to the dead life of the body"

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  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2


    While this plays with the conventions of the first, it doesn't feel like a reversal or a deconstruction. It ramps up the tragedy that was present in the first, just not as underlined as it is here. The first is an earnest, simple romance that ends with a moment of such joy in the realisation that nobody's heart has been irrevocably broken; Shen-ran then descends back to earth with a yielding thumbs-up. But behind that there is tragedy: capitalistic economic…

  • The Village

    The Village


    I welled up through a connection in the opening montage, when two women sweep and laugh before finding a red flower and together bury it. It has a strange distance while feeling personal and inciteful, immediate instinctual fear strengthening communion and creating joy (in the destruction of new life). Shyamalan's humanity in the presentation of joy and sadness follows to (and through) the end; these two feelings that exist at once with sincerity. One can be full of complete and…