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  • The Father

    The Father



    Heartbreaking and mindfucking.
    Do sad and so clever.
    I've cried and I was confused.

    Hopkins gave an immaculate preformance, one of the best and by far the best of the year.

  • 8½



    I'm pretty sure I don't fully understand everything in this movie, but nonetheless I'm impressed.

    It felt "high art" while being actully entertaining and fun to watch, its extremely interesting and raise so many questions and thoughts about the human condition, dealing with stress, imagination, creativity, psychological crisis and dreams.
    Guito's movie progress from being a big sci fi epic to intiment autobiography about every failure he had in such a natural way reflecting about his issues now.


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  • Arrival



    A masterpice

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049



    This movie build up on the OG blade runner so well while expanding and richining it better than the original with so many new original and interesting concepts, ideas and themes.
    Denis Villeneuve is THE guy to make something like this, his visual style is perfect, his composition is beautiful and everything he did here worked so well and proved yet again what a master he is. This is one of the most beatiful movies I've ever seen, the…