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  • Hell Baby

    Hell Baby


    I see that there are mixed reviews for this, and judging by how I liked it but the person I watched this with did not, I guess you'll either find Hell Baby entertaining and silly, or just silly, period. The laughs come largely from the same things repeated sporadically throughout the movie. I thought the male lead did a great job of treating the script seriously, and the neighbour was a riot! Many other things brought a smile to my face, at the very least.

  • The Martian

    The Martian


    A weakened man almost certainly cannot move something that weighs 400kg. Even on Mars, with gravity at 62% that of Earth's, 400kg would feel like 152kg. And how is it that the top scientific minds failed to account for major slowdown due to wind resistance when suggesting the tarp replacement for the rocket cover? So, yeah. If you're going to make a movie about science, get it right.

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  • Prisoners



    Totally unexpected. Well-crafted movie whose almost 3-hour length was not felt due to a gripping and largely unpredictable plot that kept you guessing till almost the very end. There was a tiny bit one character said that ultimately wasn't explained, and it got on my nerves a little, but other than that, I was hard-pressed to find fault. The movie also makes you consider certain ethical and moral issues along the way, which I appreciated.

  • Whiplash



    I am making all my teen and young adult students watch this movie. (That's how good it is from a teacher's point of view.) You get students who don't understand or appreciate why you push them so hard. All I have to say is this: if I didn't care, I would just say, good job, and call it a day. Why shouldn't I? The parents love hearing it, and I save myself loads of stress and trouble too.

    P.S. Students…