The Five-Year Engagement ★★

This movie is awkward, so many puzzle pieces don't seem to fit.

The characters and dialogue all feel unnatural, I don't really blame the actors, because I know they can do better, so it has to be the directing or the script or whatever, but not a single character seems realistic to me by the way they talk and react. I was never watching fictional characters doing stuff, I was always watching actors playing a role, that's never a good sign. And what's up with the British accent? I'm German, so I'm not a native English speaker myself, but the fake accent seemed just wrong to me, maybe I'm mistaken here, I don't know. I didn't like the performances at all.

It isn't funny or light-hearted enough for a romantic comedy, it isn't serious enough for a drama, so what is it? And it is unnecessarily long, you could have easily cut out half an hour, tighten the script in the process and would have had a better 90 minutes package as a result. "Cut what you love", just because you love a scene, doesn't mean you always have to keep it. Sometimes you still need to cut it if it is for the greater good of creating a better overall experience.

I wouldn't say the movie is bad overall, I laughed a few times and the ending kind of appeased me a bit and left me with a good feeling after all, but especially the weak performances and the not so tight script kept me from enjoying myself for the better part of the more than 2 hours.

If you like romantic comedies, there are way better options out there to choose from.

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