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  • Perfect Days
  • Sing Sing
  • American Fiction
  • Origin

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  • Hell of a Summer

    Hell of a Summer

    are vegan jokes funny or are they a means to absolve guilt. this made me feel old

  • Aggro Dr1ft

    Aggro Dr1ft

    when you accidentally make all the monitors display false colour on set and your crew is like what?? anyway, imagine watching a man who’s pro AI & “bored with movies” get this much money to make one.

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  • Aftersun



    Made me miss my dad and think about how he would video tape every vacation growing up and how we have multiple copies of VHS’s at home. About how kids act so much more animated on camera. About how lucky we are to be able to capture something so fleeting. How joyful moments can be recalled with such melancholy. How nausea inducing nostalgia is sometimes. How illness passes on to our children and we see the signs but we still can’t…

  • American Fiction

    American Fiction


    a white woman sitting in front of me was actively googling who tyler perry was during the credits