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This review may contain spoilers.

Guy Ritchie presents Michael Mann's 'Heat'.

Jason Statham plays a crime boss that goes insane when his son dougie is murdered because he witnessed an armored car robbery, so Stathsm gets a fake identity to work for an armored car company hoping eventually it will get hit by the same crew of ex-spec ops guys who have turned to crime. There are so many armored car robberies in this movie that I guess it was just a matter of time. More to it than that and you have lots of fun twists and turns throughout. Fun structure up front to hook you in. Pretty solid. Don't really care if it's 'derivative' as long as it's good.

Really love this. Ritchie feels like a director that wants to show that he's cool as opposed to smart. I respect that because it makes his movies better. Both are double edged swords but basically you're throwing in a Ritchie cool guy gang into the most action-y parts of Mann's masterpiece and that rules.

Not sure if thr specop guys are a commentary on post-military life for vets in the wake of our forever wars, or a reflection of thr cold psychosis of elements of special operations units but wither way I liked it.

Great ownage, a great heist, Statham being great as always. Be like Ststham and don't miss it! Run, don't walk slowly scowling, while violins play to catch this.

Stray thoughts: really lovely interiors here if a bit stagey/furniture catalog at times not sure why Statham needs an office but it looks very nice. Also not sure why he'd hire a decorator to give his office a winter 2019 vibe but that's fine I guess. I'm going to grab an image of it to redo my office in thr same style it really is great. Not sure why scumbag operator has a Foosball table in his weird bachelor pad but ok.

Post Malone shows up early as a random robber it's really a delight to see Statham tell Malone to suck his own dick before headshotting him.

Rob Delaney! We love that guy!