Spencer ★★★★

retellings of diana’s life always seem to define her by her tragedies, but spencer feels different: larraín understands who to focus on. charles and the other windsors are hardly present, camilla never even mentioned by name. diana is instead framed by her interactions with the equerry, the head chef, her dresser. diana’s relationships with charles, phillip, the queen… they all seem so unimportant here. what matters is the head chef darren making a dessert just for her, or maggie, her dresser, telling her to live. i care about diana's childhood, her father, her children. spencer succeeds because it finally gives diana power over her own narrative, reducing the royal family to background characters, parts of the furniture, only focusing on the human. (and by human, i mean the sheer joy i experienced every time sally hawkins’ face was on screen. my love!)

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