Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★½

He’s back! 

Steven Spielberg is finally back and man was this a trip!  
Ready Player One is the best film that takes you into the world of a video game! Fortunately, I was able to watch this in IMAX 3D and let me tell you, it’s the only way to experience this movie. 

This film is a visceral masterpiece from beginning to end. I don’t think I’ve ever been so engaged and amazed by what was unfolding on screen! Everything was perfectly crafted and the world Spielberg created in and out of the Oasis was well done. 

I loved that this showcased our current social climate and how we function in our daily lives. Everyone is so attached to their phones, laptops or watches that human interaction and connection has become minimal. This film is a reminder that the virtual profile we put on these social platforms, is not who we actually are and we should be able to be whoever we want to be in reality. 

Of course this film was sentimental and everything was tied together at the end with a neat little bow. It was heartwarming to know that the heart of this story was not “getting the girl” or “winning the game”, but the power of friendship and human connection. 

This film was beautifully shot and accompanied by a wicked soundtrack! I was blown away by all the pop culture references and by the second act I think everyone can understand why Steven Spielberg was the perfect choice for directing this movie. This film was not only a gamer’s dream, it was a film that was filled with nostalgia and it played upon those memories. 

By now, we know Spielberg is a very talented and a creative filmmaker. However, this fantastical science fiction genre is where he shines! He feels the most comfortable making films like this because he can do whatever he wants, he has the freedom to create and that is the most beautiful thing. Films, such as this one, will take us into the future and new technological advancements will be overwhelming. Maybe one day, we’ll watch a movie in VR!

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