Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier ★★★★

The only reason I wanted to watch this film was because of the amazing cast. As I started watching Triple Frontier I felt some sort of familiarity with the structure of the opening. Then I saw Mark Boal's name and Kathryn Bigelow and I knew I was going to be in for a treat!

Triple Frontier is a great heist film and it's because it adds more to the genre. Mark Boal penned a very intricate screenplay and J.C. Chandor executed his vision to perfection. The reason it feels so effortless is because it was a very simple story. 5 ex mercenaries come together to conduct one last heist and keep the money for themselves. It's a great twist because the mercenaries have an advanced skill set and Mark Boal explains what happens to soldiers once they get back home.

I absolutely loved the cast and the chemistry they had. It was great to see that camaraderie between the 5 of them! They all fought together and they all attempted to stay in each other's lives. Every single person was cast to perfection and I honestly don't think they could have picked a better cast!

The great thing about Triple Frontier is that they show the reality of what happens to soldiers when they get home. Mark Boal delves deep and exposes the issues american soldiers are faced with. In the second half of the film the characters are morally tested and they can't seem to separate themselves from the criminals.

This film is a fantastic original story and I'm happy Netflix added this to their library!

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