Beetlejuice ★★★★½

SO! i've been obsessed with the musical recently, but i hadn't watched this since i was a kid (because it was? too creepy for me. then again, i also thought harry potter was too creepy for a while) so since this was on tv today i took the opportunity. and oh man i really only vaguely remembered the movie so i'm counting this as a first time watch.

anyways, i loved it. how can you not? it's tim burton at his best, compared to... whatever he's doing now. the colors, the style, the rhythm; it's all very unique and lively, and bursting with chaotic creativity. this is really my kind of movie, and it's sort of making me love the musical even more now.
tim burton please go back to directing good movies i'm begging you

(ps. the classic herbert richards brazilian dub... is so good)

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