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  • Power Rangers

    Power Rangers


    I’ll kick off this review by laying all my cards on the table and confessing my undying love for 1995’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie. The film, more so even than the original Mighty Morphin’ era TV show, was the property that received all of the screen time in my personal six year old universe. In the right mood, and with the right amount of vodka in me, I could still probably quote that movie word for word. However,…

  • Doubt



    *Best Actress Nominee Project: Part 7*
    *Best Supporting Actress Nominee Project: Part 5*

    Nominees - Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius, Amy Adams as Sister James and Viola Davis as Mrs. Miller

    A collection of real time thoughts:

    ~ I'll start off by saying that as a left-handed, naughty tomboy, my Sunday school experiences with nuns were always negative ones...
    ~ Philip Seymour Hoffman. What a waste.
    ~ Amy Adams. #bonnet
    ~ Yaaas Meryl.
    ~ That's the kind of nun I…

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  • Sicario



    A collection of real time thoughts:

    ~ I totes know all about this, I've seen Narcos.
    ~ Well, season one of Narcos anyway...
    ~ Damn less that two minutes in and this cinematography is already SICK.
    ~ Oh shit this is gonna be good.
    ~ Emily Blunt in uniform makes me feel things.
    ~ This is not my dream job.
    ~ The least romantic surprise trip to Mexico ever.
    ~ Look at all these lads…

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    A collection of real time thoughts:

    ~ Right off the bat, I've got to say that a world without children sounds very appealing to me, but we'll see how this goes...
    ~ WOW three seconds in and this is already some mad shit.
    ~ BANG.
    ~ Fucking hell that chick was carrying her own arm.
    ~ This version of Britain has Brexit written all over it.
    ~ I often get that type of reception as my train goes through Swindon.…