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  • Foxes



    A collection of real time thoughts:

    ~ I have always, always been in love with Jodie Foster.
    ~ I did a school project on her when I was 1 and my teacher thought I'd plagiarised an actual biography. Fuck off mate.
    ~ I miss chaotic sleepovers with bitches just sprawled over all surfaces.
    ~ Annie's going to be trouble I can already tell.
    ~ Fucking killer tunes already.
    ~ Cherie Currie's hair is a marvel.
    ~ To be fair, everybody…

  • Moonlight



    With less than a week to go to the big day, I can now officially say that I have seen all of the films nominated for Best Picture. The final nominee to hit British screens this week is Moonlight, the main contender, according to critics anyway, to steal the prize from the picture that many believe already has its name etched on the statuette, La La Land. Regular readers of this blog will recall just how strongly I felt about La La Land, so the prospect of watching something that is receiving just as much, if not more, praise was an exciting one indeed.

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  • Sicario



    A collection of real time thoughts:

    ~ I totes know all about this, I've seen Narcos.
    ~ Well, season one of Narcos anyway...
    ~ Damn less that two minutes in and this cinematography is already SICK.
    ~ Oh shit this is gonna be good.
    ~ Emily Blunt in uniform makes me feel things.
    ~ This is not my dream job.
    ~ The least romantic surprise trip to Mexico ever.
    ~ Look at all these lads…

  • The Empire Strikes Back

    The Empire Strikes Back


    *The Great Star Wars Rewatch Of 2017: Part 2*

    Rewatching every film of the franchise with my best friend, a Star Wars virgin. Here is a collection of her real time thoughts.

    ~ Is that Hoth? That looks cold.
    ~ Ooooh I've heard of these Tim Tams.
    ~ Chewie welding!
    ~ Yaaay my robot guys are back.
    ~ How is he hung upside down like that?
    ~ Oh it's just gluey ice.
    ~ Is that thing the Bear in the…