Under the Sun

Under the Sun ★★★½

I was most excited for this out of all of my NZIFF films mostly because of the purity of the cinematography in the trailer. and that did not disappoint, I found this film beautiful and even the interminably long scenes of nothing much happening felt very impt
however, noticing that a lot of reviews use the phrase "reality" of life in N Korea when describing what this film shows, and I rly hesitate to agree. The film is a Western idealisation of a N Korean idealisation, and while that (for me) is interesting viewing, I walked away feeling that I still didn't know what life is like for North Koreans, but I know what the Russian view of N Korean propaganda is. Convoluted paragraph but its hard to explain without seeing
For me, the only realism was found in Zin-mi, an 8 yo "representative" for life in NK, and the only time I was moved was when she cried, or got stressed, like any 8 yo girl would anywhere in the world when being incessantly coached and filmed and asked questions

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