I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★½

I'm sorry but pretty words can't enchant me into liking something that doesn't work, I really wanted to like it (especially cause I can feel how bad it wants me to) but at this point I just think letterboxd users will give 5 stars to whatever is "different" just to seem cool... The book makes a lot more sense. And by a lot more I just mean it makes sense.

A good thing I can say: Kaufman's writing is as poetic as always (mostly when it's not trying to be), but you gotta stay awake during -multiple- 10-15 minutes of nothing to notice it

It also gave me a headache which means I could say worse things out of spite but I chose to be nice

btw happy letterboxd anniversary to me (sept. 1st), I've been pretending I know shit for 2 years now :)

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