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  • 1984: The New World Order

    1984: The New World Order

    That's a bucket of crazy right there.

  • Marie-Louise


    Since I can't edit my previous review: the Amazon link to purchase the Swiss DVD is dead, sadly. Regardless, though, you can search for the GTIN (think barcode) 7611719424174 and you should be able to turn up reputable sellers with copies.

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  • Marie-Louise


    This film deserves to be seen, but that's difficult to do at this time. Hopefully I can help make it easier for English speakers.

    A terrible-quality 83-minute bootleg exists with sparse English subtitles. It's taken from a very muddy, dark print, and the subtitles aren't enough to help you understand what's going on.

    I discovered through amazon.de that a Region 2 DVD restoration of this film exists, and the original version of this film is 99 minutes. It contains French…

  • Moment by Moment

    Moment by Moment

    It's every bit as jaw-droppingly bad as the rumors claim. Hilariously so.