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Oscar Project: Best Story

After the Oscar Project, part 1 (best picture) Noah and I decided to tackle the screenplay awards.

These films won Best Story, which generally functioned as what we know now as Best Original Screenplay, but for the final 16 years the award was given, Best Original Screenplay was also an award.

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  • Underworld
  • The Dawn Patrol
  • The Champ
  • One Way Passage
  • Manhattan Melodrama
  • The Scoundrel
  • The Story of Louis Pasteur
  • A Star Is Born
  • Boys Town
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  • Arise, My Love
  • Here Comes Mr. Jordan
  • 49th Parallel
  • The Human Comedy
  • Going My Way
  • The House on 92nd Street
  • Perfect Strangers
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • The Search
  • The Stratton Story
  • Panic in the Streets
  • Seven Days to Noon
  • The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Roman Holiday
  • Broken Lance
  • Love Me or Leave Me
  • The Brave One