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  • The Uninvited

    The Uninvited


    Mists gather here, and sea fog, and eerie stories. That’s not because there are more ghosts here than in other places, mind you, it’s just that people that live hereabout are strangely aware of them. You see, day and night, year in year out, they listen to the pound and stir of the waves. There’s life and death in that restless sound, and eternity too...

    Rick and Pamela buy a haunted house by the seaside for only £1200?!! Living the…

  • The Sleeping Beauty

    The Sleeping Beauty


    The literal yellowface scene for the “geisha” ballet performance about 10 minutes in was... *sigh* Can we just agree to end yellowface caricatures?

    Having said that, this is an interesting take on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale from an iconoclast. I didn’t find it as successful as Bluebeard; this one felt more disjointed, but the strength of the acting (and costumes, other than the aforementioned gaffe) carries it through. Somehow at once stark and lush, it’s a unique adaptation at the…

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  • Sense and Sensibility

    Sense and Sensibility


    Jane Austen really said, fuck primogeniture, and fuck you John. Also, fuck you rich white women. #TeamEdwardFerrars

    Hark, it’s time for my annual rewatch of the S&S ITV miniseries! Tag yourself: I’m Elinor. (Now grant me a waistcoat-wearing Dan Stevens of my own please.)

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    Jess (Olivia Hussey 😍) deserves better.

    Like Nightmare Before Christmas I couldn’t decide whether this was more of an October or December movie, and after watching... definitely October. Truly disturbing. 

    Also, this film definitely screams Police are Incompetent Pigs.