Newness ★★★★

I felt a real connection with the characters which I didn’t expect, they had a solid acting. I love the concept they base their relationship on. It was a good way to portrait the topic of polyamory and open relationships, although a commonly wrong way to develope it, ending with the disbelief of the actual topic. Usually polyamory films end up this way. Maybe this one wasn’t ending it with the purpose of proving open relationships wrong, and just portraying polyamory as a phase of love, but anyhow it still doesn’t work. What I liked the most it’s the realness on their conversations, and the pursue of honesty at no cost, which is very important to understand this way of loving. I would recommend to watch this film but not if you really want to understand the concept of this modern love. And yeah I expand myself on this review because I am finally talking about something I can assure I know about.