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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    More genuinely provocative (+ genuine!) (+ productive!) than anything LVT has ever done. A film full of sort-of-red-herrings, challenging (irresolvable) lines of thought & questioning. Deeply sad, close to transcendent. A would-be dialectic on duality that refuses to actually adhere to its (often verbalized) frameworks, moving this way and that, searching, undoing itself, until it is liberated from definition. An actual—not supposed, or posturing, or posed—statement about the sanctity of art.

    So many things at once so as to not simply…

  • Eight Hours Don't Make a Day

    Eight Hours Don't Make a Day


    As playful, entertaining, funny and generous a work as Fassbinder made, Eight Hours subdues the elements of despair that permeate his films—though they are there—and brings the humanism to the surface. I love how labour and relationships are given equal attention and importance, intersecting in their notions of collectivism. As is typical for Fassbinder, the moment to moment formal inventiveness is stunning. In particular, how he films the workers is beautiful.

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  • Heat



    35mm, Lightbox, best screening of life

  • Let the Sunshine In

    Let the Sunshine In


    Disjointed shot / reverse shots, adults unable to look at each other and therefore themselves. Trust in oneself as manifested in how we see ourselves reflected in strangers' eyes. One of the great relationship films—made unique and special by its focus that keeps us in a brisk trajectory of a love life freed from context and tropes. Denis, one of the true existential filmmakers, whose films seem to exist not as questions nor messages but in the space of living itself.