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  • The Image Book

    The Image Book


    "And even if nothing turned out how we'd hoped, it would not have changed what we'd hoped for"

    “Only a fragment leaves the mark of authenticity”

    “We are never sad enough for the world to be better”

    Why oh why when we see it all before us can we not change it? Or have we tried? We wave goodbye to the present like a passing train, too content for it to become past, and too complacent so as to allow it to return masquerading as future.

  • Policeman



    The state in action, subversives like flies buzz around It inconsequentially—and then there are those left unseen, even more voiceless. I guess Bonello saw this.

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  • Heat



    35mm, Lightbox, best screening of life

  • The Commuter

    The Commuter


    A killer-for-hire? In this economy?

    Collet-Serra is a master of invisible threats and his greatest trick here is to make the threat visible then invisible again. Again renders us as all as moral-relativists (at best) a phone call away from foregoing principles for gain. Stylistic gamesmanship along the way is sheer pleasure, admittedly working best in isolated sequences than as a perfect whole. Like Non-Stop, unknowable strangers become the victims of Liam Neeson's paranoia, this time a symbol of the…