2 Days in Paris

2 Days in Paris ★★½

Seemingly inspired by the approach of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, Julie Delpy wrote and directed some dialogue driven, grounded love story about being away together and being forced to confront past and future in your relationship. It’s good as a portrayal of two irrationally behaving people not allowing themselves to be ready for eternity together. 

But the pacing and structure is just so poor that there’s no saving this in the end. There are three scenes, save for the initial setup, that are actually consequential to what the intent of the plot and characters is. You could say that the dialogue driven scenes in between are to fill your cup with philosophical or emotional questions, but they’re just not good enough at all. Almost every conversation these people have is trivial to both the viewer and the story they’re in. 

Considering this is a definite auteur project, where Delpy wrote, directed, starred in, and composed the score for, this is incredibly disappointing. It’s not bad overall. The final takeaway is clear. It’s an alright short film with additional scenes sprinkled throughout to remind you of the Before trilogy.