Midsommar ★★★

There’s a very effective portrayal of the midnight sun in Midsommar that I appreciate a lot. I think others could as well.

Suddenly living with constant daylight throws you off in a pretty unique way. A sort of anxious mistrust of yourself and your body’s reaction to the passing of time. You don’t always feel nights passing at all. Sometimes you think it’s yesterday, and can’t shake that notion off.

It’s a pretty awesome setting for a horror movie, and with just one simple scene and a not-so-subtle line of dialogue, this is captured well. Learning what time it is after losing track of it under the midnight sun phenomena plays out pretty much exactly like it does here.

Midsommar is good with some fantastic parts. It’s just that it’s muddled and weird with what it wants. The interesting aspects are (as with Hereditary) left for the sake of the scenario being given all the space. The intention is messy. Is it about the emotion or the spectacle? A great film could have both, but they’re too far removed here.

Still, it’s a fun time with great sprinkled throughout. You and your friends will reference the more loony parts for years.

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