Tenet ★★★★

With all this amazing visual storytelling he's clearly capable of, why does Christopher Nolan insist on having some talking head explaining with words what we've just learned through imagery? Why, every damn time?

I really liked Dunkirk. Partly because the creative concept was structural, and so no character could comment on it. But it did make me hope that this hand-holding (or pandering) had started to fade from these films.

But here's Tenet. A film with some fantastic sequences that are like nothing I have ever seen. But again with the "the audience wouldn't get it."

I'm disappointed by it. And tired of it. Be it Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar, staring into the camera saying "Lazarus", just to make sure you fucking got it. Or Tenet having rapid dialogue after every event telling you that what just happened did indeed happen.

You're either too dumb to understand that the story you're telling is already clear through the images, the medium you're working with, or you think the audience is too dumb. So which one is it?

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