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This review may contain spoilers.

We know by now that one of superheroe movie rules is "don't make a superhero movie". Marvel knows it better than anyone (they practically invented it) and so they went back to 1995 to look for the most popular genre there was, and they found it: buddy movies.
That's the formula for Captain Marvel, besides the typical origin story, a little worn out by now. Instead of doing a linear hero's journey (à la Captain America) they decided to go for the missing pieces of Carol Danvers' past, filling us in as the story goes in a nineties world full of nostalgia.
The chemistry between the absolutely charismatic Brie Larson and the always effective Samuel L. Jackson is flawless, as is the comedic timing. We know a young and pretty naif Nick Fury, as he begins to realize what the world really is. It's a perfect prequel for the character and the Avengers altogether.
Also, if you think Maria Rambeau's friendship isn't motivation enough to keep our hero going, then you don't know the first thing about female friendship.

Fact: We owe the fantastic use of music to James Gunn.
Fact bis: There are 2 post-credits scenes. The first one is the real deal, the one we've been waiting for since Infinity War. And the second is funny AF, specially for cat owners.

Fun Fact: There's a scene taken directly from a vignette involving Goose the Cat and Rocket Raccoon >>
Fun Fact bis: In the subway scene, Carol runs into Kelly Sue Deconnick, the writer that gave Captain Marvel her new identity and the motto "Higher, Further, Faster".

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